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How I paint my blank full coverage fake nails! πŸ’…πŸΌ

Hey ladies! 😘❀️ I’m back again with a quick tutorial for you girls on how I usually paint my blank fake nails. Like these:

I for one am no good at painting my fingernails. I will make a mess lol 😞 I’m usually never satisfied with how it turns out either, and I tend to mess up my mani every single time by touching them to something, as if I were cursed. πŸ˜‚But now i’ve solved my messy, frustrating situations by painting them off my hand, let me show you what I mean! Some of you may have already figured this out, but I thought it’d make for a nice post. πŸ‘πŸΌ

Starting off, I filed each nail into a nice point because they didn’t come very sharp at all. This is the time consuming part, but it’s worth it to make nice, sharp talons.

Secondly, I prepped my nails. Filed them down and lightly filed the surfaces of my nails to give the fake ones something to hold onto better.

Next, I started assembling my helpful q-tip tool for holding the nails while I apply the nail polish!

Pretty simple right? Just roll a little short peice of tape, stick it to the q-tip, and then press the nail onto it. Then all you have to do is paint them! Like so:

Here is a close up picture of how sharp I filed these ones compared to how they came… That white nail below the pink is an original, pretty round right?

Now that you have your nails painted flawlessly, you’re probably going to want to use a pair of tweezers to pull off the little pieces of tape after removing the q-tips. Then simply glue them to your nails and enjoy! A picture perfect, inexpensive manicure. That box of 500 fake nails cost me only $10.00 USD on and I already owned everything else πŸ‘πŸ»

What do you think? Leave me your thoughts and comments babes ❀️ Keep tuned for some new awesome brands i’ll be sharing with you! Have a beautiful night.

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ENTER IN MY: Christmas Giveaway!

Hey again honey bees! πŸ―πŸπŸ’• I wanted to announce that i will be hosting another giveaway starting RIGHTNOW, this time there will be a first place winner, and a second place winner. Open to U.S. Only this time 😭 My apologies loves. Both of these packages are pretty sweet, but the whole point is to have two of you wonderful & supportive followers of mine get a nice christmas gift on me! πŸ˜˜πŸ’“ Hope you guys like what i picked out for you!

Here’s what winner #1 will recieve:




Β Β 

  • Masters of Beauty Rose Gold Full Size Brush Set
  • L.A.B2 Angled Liner Brush
  • FLOWER Beauty Peachy Lip Gloss
  • Sephora Nude/Cream Nail Color
  • China Glaze Icey Mint Green Nail Color
  • Assortment of Christmas Goodies- Two Bubble Bath Pouches, A 3pcs Bath Fizzer Pack, Gingerbread Man Hand Sanitizer Keychain, Christmas Tree Ornament Lip Balm Ball, 2 Nail Polish Remover Scented Pad Containers. (May be adding more)

Next up we have what winner #2 will recieve:


  • MAX STUDIO 15 pcs. Nail Color Set
  • Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
  • Revive Travel Makeup Brush Set & Pouch
  • Sephora Light Pink/Nude Nail Color
  • Sephora Hot Pink/Raspberry Nail Color
  • Assortment of Christmas Goodies- Two Bubble Bath Pouches, A 3pcs Bath Fizzer Pack, Gingerbread Man Hand Sanitizer Keychain, Christmas Tree Ornament Lip Balm Ball, 2 Nail Polish Remover Scented Pad Containers. (May be adding more)

So that’s all of the items for now! I might add some more items per package over the course of the giveaway time.. (Lip products, mascaras etc.) It will end Friday December 4th, and i will then announce winners 1 & 2.

***I will not switch packages! Winner 1 gets package 1, winner 2 gets package 2.***


Start entering ASAP, leave me a comment below saying “Enter me!” And tell me (optional) what you would name your own personal Makeup Brand! 😁

Β If you want an extra entry reblog this post and leave me the links ladies! πŸ’– Love you xoxo!


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Golden Cranberry Holiday Makeup Look!

Hello my beauts! ❀ Back again with an awesome dramatic ‘Holiday Party’ look! With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, i’ve had my mind on something sweet.. Cranberries. I love my moms homemade cranberry sauce around these holidays and I also love cranberry, the color.Β Such a rich deepened berry red.. So festive! There are also lot’s of wild cranberries growing around where i currently live and it looks beautiful in the Wintertime, covered in white snowflakes. SO, That is where i pulled inspiration from today, hope you all enjoy. Let’s get right into it! πŸ™‚

Here we have my basic shadow look. I have used Tarteist clay eyeliner to really give my eyes a dramatic & fun double winged liner look.. A long with my bold liner i used gold, champagne and a deep berry/cranberry/red color to achieve a festive Holiday Party-ready look. I mean, what’s more christmas-y than bubbly light champagne, tart cranberries & shimmering GOLD? πŸ˜‰ Speaking of TARTE, this Tarteist Clay Liner is one of my absolute ***FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCTS*** out on the market right now! If you are a regular in the art of winged liner & confident enough in your skill, i need you to do me a favor and just order this and try it.. Do it for me! You will never ever want to SETTLE FOR, nonetheless TOUCH another liner formula again. This truly turns you into an artist, such easy and smooth application.. you will fall in love at first brushstroke. ❀

FullSizeRender (17)FullSizeRender (19)

Here are the basic items i used to achieve this look flawlessly..

FullSizeRender (30)

  • FLOWER “About Face’ Liquid Foundation
  • L’Oreal Infallible 16HR Pro Matte Powder Foundation
  • MAC Mineralize Concealer-NW20
  • ColourPop Super Shocks Shadows in: Get Lucky (GOLD-bottom lashline, outlined second wing), Lace (PURPLE-lightly traced bottom lashline and blended out), and Erotic (RED- intensified cranberry color on overall lid/blended out.)
  • Hardy Candy ModQuad in “Pink Interlude” top 2 colors in my inner V and on brow bone highlight & bottom right burgundy color in my crease.
  • SMASHBOX Halo Glow Color Boosting Powder (bronzer)
  • Maybelline Blushed Nudes-bottom row color # 5.
  • SMASHBOX Full Exposure Mascara Ipsy Sample ❀
  • MAC Blush in “Pinch Me’
  • MAC “Invisible Light” Highlighter
  • MALLY Base Shadow/Primer-Light
  • Salon Perfect False Eyelashes
  • Trestique Nude Lip Crayon

I wanted to say that all of the items i mention work truly fantastic for me personally, and i would absolutely recommend ALL of these beauty products to all of you to try! I would NOT use something that didn’t work flawlessly for me, nor would i recommend it you. πŸ™‚ ❀

FullSizeRender (21)FullSizeRender (23)

I really hope you liked this look! Leave me comments and thoughts ❀ πŸ™‚ Keep tuned in for my AWESOME Christmas giveaway post coming SOON!!!


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Maybelline Blushed Nudes Night Out Makeup Look!

I got a request the other day from someone saying they wished i would have done some looks with that Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette review i posted recently, so i thought that was a great idea and i should definitley at least post one look with this palette. Here’s what i came up with!



Sort of a pink, rosey smokey eye. I always start my eyeshadow routine with my MALLY base shadow. It is so creamy, doesn’t crease at all and makes the shadow stick to your lids perfectly for HOURS! One of my personal favorites.


The base shadow is the pan to the left. It works very well as a primer but any eyelid primer will work just fine.


Let me show you how a base shadow works for those who aren’t familiar:


(The brown shadow shown here is NOT used in this look, it is achieved using only the colors from the blushed nudes palette. This is just used Β as an example)

Above are the two shadows in the MALLYΒ palette swatched separately. As you can see, the brown eye shadow is somewhat transparent, it doesn’t look nearly as dark as the color in the actual pan. The base shadow is neutral in color, bright & creamy. Now, let me show you the brown shadow OVER the creamy base shadow.


Retail price for JUST the creamy base shadow: $18.00 USD

Purchase it here!

Now that the brown shadow has been applied over the base, it has much better color pay off and it is noticeably darker than the last swatch.

Back to the look: Here are the colors i used from the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette


In this order i began to apply:

  1. I pretty much just cut my crease with this color and then blended it out so it wasn’t such a harsh line.
  2. I packed this onto my lid, and blended it in with the color i used in my crease.
  3. Traced my outer V with this black color and blended it out, also used on my bottom lash line.
  4. Applied this to my inner corner, and below Β near my inner corner on my lower lash line. Blend blend blend!



You can really achieve some beautiful romantic eyes with this palette. I’ve been loving it so far and here you can see the gorgeous colors in action! You could also go the opposite route and do something with the lighter colors in the palette for more of a daytime look. If you’d like me to do a daytime look for you just leave a comment!


Thanks for reading!


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Swatch Review: Affordable Maybelline “The Blushed Nudes” Palette

So even after my somewhat negative review last night on the maybelline “The Nudes” Palette, i still picked this up in hopes of being more impressed. Glancing over this palette, some of the colors sold me right away. Some beautiful rosey gold shades, and a matte black with a black cherry like shimmer. So i decided to review it for you all and give you my opinion!


The first thing i noticed when swatching/playing around with these shadows was:

  1. They seem to have a much nicer texture than the other “The Nudes” palette. They feel much softer to the touch, the other palette’s shadows almost seemed dry.
  2. The shimmer formula seems like it applies much better, it looks very nice applied to a primed eyelid.
  3. I think their color choices throughout the palette really compliment each other. They can be used with each other and many other nude eyeshadows you may already own.


The very last color on the bottom right was my absolute favorite, it looked like a very deep dramatic burnt reddish black because of all the black cherry/gold colored shimmer in it, and then i swatched it. 😦 It simply did not apply nearly as well as the other shimmer colors, the sparkles fell out and left me with a plain matte black eyeshadow. Β I think it was because it wasn’t so much shimmer, it was more like sparkle flake. This was the only shadow with a seemingly different formula than the other shimmer shades.

Now let me show you some swatch samples!



I loved all of these colors except for my original favorite, the black. So for the price & quality, i would probably buy this palette again when i start running low on these shadows. I may not be using the hell out of all of them, but i can see myself using more than half of them often. These are perfect colors for a romantic date night, any night on the town, even a day on the town, or you could put together a nice look for a wedding/bachelorette party as well. If you are a makeup artist or do freelance work, picking up a few of these to keep with your supplies would be a great idea since these colors can be used for many occasions/events. I’d say go try one out for yourself ladies! For $10.00 it’s worth giving it a chance. ❀