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Halloween Space Mermaid Makeup! <3

Hi beautiful people! I am so sorry i didn’t get my Halloween Makeup posted yesterday, i had a terribly busy day! 😦 But i am here now, with pictures and products to show you how i achieved my quick exciting look! I really loved how this turned out!



Here i used all of my new ColourPop single shadows to achieve a crazy bright look! I just started going with the flow and picking weird colors, it reminded me something in between like an alien girl and a mermaid, and with that my space mermaid was born ❤ These ColourPop eyeshadows are SO pigmented, SO vibrant, SO attention grabbing and glittery! Every makeup artist should stock UP on these shadow singles, no joke 🙂

Let me show you what colors were used:


Fizz (green), Ibiza (turquoise), Coconut (darker blue) and Fantasy (purple/pink)

I applied my MALLY base shadow to my eyelids, which is very similar to MAC paint pot in “Soft Ochre.” Then took Fizz and applied it all over my LID. Then i took Fantasy and applied it in my OUTER V and drug it across my lash line, then i used Ibiza to LINE my eyes: taking a eyeliner brush, wetting it, and then making a slight paste out of the color, applied the winged  shape i wanted then went it with the same color but dry and applied it over to the moist color to set it and make it more vibrant. Finally i used Coconut to line my eyebrows and then filled them in with Ibiza.

*** I have turned several of these colors into bold liners by using the process above, these shadows are versatile and can be used as eyeliner as well ***




Used a fishnet stocking  to hold against my cheekbones tightly, then i took Ibiza and Fantasy and packed it in around the holes leaving a scale fish type look.

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (1)

Thanks for reading babes! Hope you liked my crazy weird Halloween look and i hope you all had a fantastic Holiday Weekend! Leave comments & thoughts! 😀


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Makeup HAUL!

Hello girls! I haven’t been feeling very well lately but i still wanted to post something tonight for you all<3 Recently my boyfriend took me out and wanted to spoil me a little since i haven’t been feeling too hot, so i bought…. A bunch of makeup! For myself and YOU! I’ll be doing a giveaway next month with some of the stuff i picked up, i’ll show you what i bought for us! 😀

Here is what i purchased for my October giveaway for one of you lovely ladies!


I’m thinking this one will be International.. Two of FLOWER’s Powder to creme blushes, in TT1 & TT2 (a bright pink and a muted coral color.) A beautiful eyeshadow chubby in a gorgeous deep royal purple shade, and most likely some more stuff i pick up from here to the date the giveaway will start. So keep checking for it 😉

Now here are a few things i picked up for myself to play around with:



Two Hard Candy Highlight & Contour Cheek Duo’s. LEFT: Angel Face RIGHT: Island Glow

These guys are so gorgeous in person just as a swatch. The colors are so sheer and picks up light beautifully. I have a picture but it really doesn’t do it much justice, you would just have to trust me on this one. I am so eager to use these, i have no doubt they will be gorgeous on the cheekbones. Keep look out for a post on these exclusively!

Let’s move onto these L’Oreal Infallible 24 HR Pressed Eyeshadows in “Iced Latte” & “Perpetual Purple,” and a beautiful Infallible Lipstick in “Everlasting Plum“…



These shadows are GORGEOUS! SO pigmented and SO soft, they feel like a pillowy cushion inside the jar. I would definitely recommend these to all of you as they have an array of amazing colors, and the best part is that they behave like the Maybelline color tattoo creme shadows. They are not creamy at all, but they last forever. I have swatches of these below with the other eyeshadows i purchased.

Now the L’Oreal Infallible lipstick! I’m in LOVE. This is such a fall color i cant even begin to tell you, it is a deep smashed berry color that looks SO dark in the tube but just comes to life as soon as you apply it! It is like a bright orchid purple, it is stunning. This would be beautiful on any skin tone


Everlasting Plum

It has a gorgeous bright berry/fall tone that makes this color very special and a must have for Autumn.

Now, i have some more stuff from FLOWER!

Starting with beautiful eyeshadow palette in “Eye-sea-you” and a Blush/Bronzer Duo in “Glow Baby Glow.”


These colors in ALL of these pans, the shadows and the blush/bronzer, are just insanely soft and smooth to the touch. They feel like velvet. This formula is amazing and the colors are beautiful! Let me show you some swatches, the first two colors are the L’Oreal shadows from earlier.


The two horizontal swatches at the top are the blush & bronzer duo.

As you can see all of these colors are stunning & unique. That green shadow from the FLOWER palette is like a mossy gold color, i can’t wait to play around with these palettes. These are all just straight up swatches with no primer or anything, so with primer these colors will be much more vibrant and pop! I will definitely be doing a makeup look with these soon. So be sure to check it out and comment!

I picked up this gorgeous melon colored lipgloss from FLOWER as well:


FLOWER High shine lip lacquer “Give Peach A Chance

You guys should really try some of this stuff out for yourselves, you wont regret it! I am in love with everything.

Thanks for reading loves!

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Soft Neapolitan Eyes! Bare Minerals, Maybelline & L’Oreal!

So today i was inspired by the almost too pretty to eat, neapolitan ice cream! I wanted to create a look using the colors but i didn’t want it to be AS vibrant as the actual treat, so here’s what i came up with…


The Eyes image


(Inked in Pink, Starlight & Chenille)

  • Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo Metal in “Inked In Pink” (On half of lid towards the outer V)
  • i.d. bareMinerals loose eyeshadow in “Starlight” (In crease and outer V)
  • i.d. bareMinerals loose eyeshadow in “Chenille” (Inner corner of eye and front half of lid)
  • LA Pallete NUDE 1 Dark brown shimmer shade. (Outer V & cut crease) (Not shown as swatch)
  • Almay Liquid Liner in “Black” (Not shown above)
  • Lancôme High Definition Mascara in “Black” (Not shown above)
  • Ardelle Fake Eyelashes (Not shown above)

The Face


  • MAC Lip Stick in “Créme Cup”
  • MAC Mineralize Concealer
  • FLOWER Liquid Foundation
  • Infallible 16HR Pro-Matte Foundation
  • I.d. bareMinerals face color in “Gossamer” (Highlight cheekbones)
  • Lancôme Color Design Eyeshadow in “Vintage” (for filling in brows)
  • FLOWER Powder to Creme Blush in TT1 “A-Coral-ble” (not shown above)
  • Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lip Contouring Pencil in “Natural” (not shown above)


Now that you’ve seen all the products, here is the outcome!



Thanks for reading!

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Barbie Doll Makeup

This morning i woke up with the urge to post a makeup look! ❤ So then it began, endlessly rummaging through countless pallettes and individuals to find a fantastic, fun combo to make it POP! I obviously wanted to do something eye catching for all of you, so this is what i came up with.




For some reason i really just love using super bright colors, i’ll be sure to post some more natural looks sometime soon as well.

I started off this look by putting my Neutrogena facial lotion on as i usually do since it preps my face really nicely for foundation and shadows etc. Now i applied tape on the outer corners of my eyes at an angle towards the end of my brow bone. (These need to be pretty even to get symmetrical lines on ea. side) Then i went ahead and applied my Mally base shadow which has a very similar consistency as the MAC paint pot “Soft Ochre.” Once it is evenly spread over my lid, i apply my magenta pink eyeshadow in my inner corner of my eye and bring it out a bit onto my lid. Now i take a bright shimmer purple/plum color and follow the shape of my outer V & also applying color all the way along the edge of the tape. I took a metallic deep purple color and applied it around the outer V on the outer edge of the pre existing color and brought it into my crease. No shadow is applied to the bottom lash line in this look. Blend blend blend. Removed the tape, curled my lashes, applied a light coat of mascara, put on some liquid eyeliner, applied falsies and then continued on with my normal full face routine. (Concealer, foundation, powder, contour, bronzer, blush, lipstick etc…) I always do my eyebrows last with a plain brown eyeshadow on a lightly moistened brush and then i completed this look with MAC setting spray.


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Mermaid Makeup

So today i decided to do a bright, colorful, bold look with some pretty nicely pigmented eye shadows to add to my portfolio. The eyeshadows will not be listed by name but they are easy to duplicate colors. I began with a Mally eyeshadow primer, then applied a hot pink to the inner v of my eye and towards the center of my lid, took a beautiful minty-metallic green and took it from my natural shape of my outer v across about half my lid. Then went in with a darker vibrant electric blue making somewhat of an eyeliner line. (Basically doing winged eyeliner with the eye shadow instead.) Then i completed this look by curling eyelashes, applying falsies, applying black liquid eyeliner, mascara top & bottom lashes, MAC mineralize concealer NW20, MAC mineralize foundation NW22, Loreal infallible pro matte 16 HR powder “porcelain”, bronzer, FLOWER TT2 powder to cream blush, eyebrows and maybelline color sensational “power peony” lips. Took about half an hour to complete.