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U-Spicy Oval Makeup Brush Set Review! 😍

Hi ladies! I’m here today to share a review on a purchase that I made just recently off of! We have all heard of, or seen videos on Instagram about these “Oval, Toothbrush-Style Makeup Brushes.” I have been fascinated by the idea of them since they first began blowing up online- I love innovative, unique ways to do your makeup. When Tarteist “Clay Paint Liner” tubes came out I was overjoyed at the new approach on applying your liner ❀️ Anyways, I really enjoy these oval brushes- I’m sure you will too! Let’s get right into the review…

First of all- I’d like to say I purchase these off of Amazon HERE. They were $19.99 + free shipping for Prime users! πŸ’Έ

Right off the back I noticed how big and nice the box these brushes came in was! It’s sleek, sexy, smooth and makes you feel like you just made an awesome purchase for only twenty bucks! ❀️ It has a magnetic closure flap on the very front of the box that allows you to open it up and peek at your new goodies…

Now, I’d like to discuss how soft these bristles are. I mean seriously guys, it feels like they could be made of pure rabbit fur. I was a bit hesitant honestly on purchasing these in particular because of the price on amazon, thinking maybe the hairs were going to be coarser or of lesser quality than what I would have wanted. But I was WRONG!!! These seriously exceeded my expectations. They feel velvety smooth on your skin and apply your makeup flawlessly πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ» 

Another bonus would be how flexible these babies are! 😍 Talk about caressing your curves… Your face curves- that is! Here’s a screenshot of the amazon store picture example, and mine are just as flexible as this picture claims they are! So awesome.


The next cool thing was that it came with a manual on which brush would be ideal for each part of your makeup routine. Making it easy to get used to and remember! This isn’t a photo of the exact manual it came with inside of the box- but this was pulled from the amazon’s store pictures…

Overall, I absolutely am so excited to have purchased these brushes! I’m in love, and I would reccomend them to all of you ladies if you don’t have a set of oval brushes yet. Can’t wait to be using these from now on- my old brushes are gonna be sad 😞 Lol! But not me. 😝 Here is a photo of a look I created using all of these brushes… Something alien-y! πŸ‘½

Not the most traditional look, but hey! I was having a ton of fun lol πŸ’œ Thanks so much for reading- I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you try these brushes out for yourself! They are so amazing for the price 😘 Please comment and leave thoughts for me!

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Update: New Natured Beauty Products! πŸŒΏπŸ’„πŸŒΏ

Hi beautiful ladies! I wanted to stop by your feed to share some beautiful new products being sold by Natured Beauty, the wonderful Etsy shop I had mentioned a little while back. The owner Philicia, has been busy at work creating new products and shades to offer us!

Let’s get right into it- starting with the first new lipstick shade she sent me called “International Lover” a dusty, gorgeous pink.
* Looks a tad brighter in this picture than it does in person. *

I have already reviewed the actual lipsticks by Natured Beauty LLC for you in my last post about her lovely shop. But if you don’t recall what I said about them- they are seriously  SO creamy, smell wonderful and they are amazingly opaque! Just as good as my MAC lipsticks, no joke ❀ Her lipsticks hydrate your lips as well as making them look kissable & fabulous. Something MAC did the opposite for me- my lips always felt dry during & after wearing their lippies. 

Next let’s look at her new Buttercream Cupcake Scented Liquid Lip Creams & Hybrids!!! πŸŽ‚

Meet the “Sinful” hybrid, a gorgeous coral yet pinky-toned red that has been sprinkled with fine silver glitter. This is one my absolute favorites out of the shades she sent me! ❀️ It is just such a sexy, vivid color that would look so great on date night paired with a little black dress πŸ˜‰πŸ‘— If only I had a pair of heels in this EXACT shade…

Next we have the beautiful Yellow Liquid Lip Cream in Lemonade Pop- If you remember my last post I had reviewed a yellow lipstick by Natured Beauty called “Lemonade Pop”. This is basically the liquid version- maybe just a tiny bit more vibrant! πŸ’› I seriously just have a special place in my heart for bright yellow lipstick. Maybe it’s because I find it an appealing contrast with my deeply dark hair and eyes, or maybe it’s because I think it is the PERFECT festival lippie color, it radiates sunshine and good vibes! From inside your heart and from your lips! You can’t help but feel bright when you have this shade on 🌟🌞🌟

Now we have “Midnight Purple” Hybrid πŸ’œ This shade is such a rich, kind of galactic-spacey, indigo purple. It is just magnificent! Stunningly beautiful with the many multidimensional shifts of blue and violet. I have never seen anything quite like this shade before, not to mention the color payoff is great and it’s got a super creamy texture. You will feel like a true, sexy space explorer in this color! πŸ˜‰πŸš€πŸ’•

This one is DEFINITELY my other favorite, this is the “Grey Goose” lip cream. And by favorite, I mean I am going insane over it. This Liquid Lip Hybrid is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Seriously, just look at this shade!!! It is a very modern, unique stone color. I know for a fact I am going to be wearing this 24/7, Lol! It is just an extremely sophisticated and well rounded shade, something we have yet to see from high end brands like MAC and JStar Cosmetics. If you are a fan of grey, greige, violet greys ANYTHING cool grey toned- you must try “Grey Goose.” You’re gonna be addicted to this one ❀️❀️❀️ Somebody call Alchoholics Anonymous! 😡

Here I am showing you her beautiful Black Liquid Lip Cream paired up with the Natured Beauty “Grey Goose” lip cream. This black shade is literally black as black as black can be! πŸ˜„ It’s an amazing formula too, because it DOES NOT stain or get stuck deep in your lip creases, like most black and dark red/purple liquid lippies tend to do. Anyways, I wanted to show you what creative things you could do with the black. Like a grey and black ombre effect! Or any color for that matter! The options are endless with Natured Beauty’s Liquid Lip Creams & Hybrids πŸ•ΈπŸŒšπŸ•Έ Love this color so so much, it’s a very easy black to work with which can be hard to find in liquid lipsticks. Easy to wipe away mistakes, hydrating to your lips and no dark staining at all! 

Please do go check out Philicia’s shop here: Natured Beauty LLC! Pick out something you like and try it out for yourself- you won’t be dissapointed! These products are beautiful, good for you and made with love & care πŸŒΏπŸ’„πŸŒΏ

Thanks for reading babes! I hope you liked this post, leave comments & thoughts for me πŸ™ƒ


Rainbow Highlighter DIY!!! πŸ’•πŸ¦„πŸŒˆπŸ¦„πŸ’•

Hi ladies! I’m back today to share with you a DIY tutorial on how to make your own unicorn/rainbow/mermaid highlighter! YES! A full tutorial on how to do it! If you are a beauty product fanatic like me- I’m sure you have all seen the new prism highlighter craze. The original producer of this highlighter is by an Etsy shop called Bitter Lace Beauty, but there were down sides to ordering it from the original maker…

1. It costs $22.00 

2. Being a small Etsy shop- It’s on preorder from 9-10 months. Since everyone has realized they need this in their life at the same time lol

3. Once my order is ready in almost a year, shipping makes me wait even longer for it to arrive

So with those three key points bothering me, I decided it can’t be that hard to DIY. So I went ahead and DIY’d it! The project was a MAJOR success, and I urge any and all of you to do it at home. Ecspecially if you just aren’t patient enough to wait for someone else to make it and send it to you! Let’s get right into it. First we’ll talk about the items you will need to complete this job…
What you’ll need: 
1. Cheap brightly colored eyeshadows- primarily in light pink, light orange, bright yellow, light green, light blue and purple. I used all L.A. Colors shadows ($1.00 each)

2. Rubbing Alcohol 90%-100% will work just fine.

3. An old compact you can empty the rest of the product out of. Face powder, blush any medium sized compact will do (clean, rinse and dry this out afterward. It needs to be clean & dry)

4. A small jar to mix the shadow, shimmer and alcohol in

5. A highlighter/shimmer medium to mix in with your crushed eyeshadows. I used “gossamer” by Bare Minerals. Works absolutely great for this! This is what really makes this highlighter- a highlighter. 

6. Paper towels for blotting

7. Butter Knife & Mixing Tool

STEP ONE: So what you are going to do is start off with light pink- then do light orange, then bright yellow, then light green, then blue, then purple last. This will give you the ideal “rainbow prism” of colors. Start by shaking less than a tsp. of gossamer into the bottom of your mixing jar, then empty out your pink shadow pan into the mixing jar as well. Crush it up as finely as you can and get it thoroughly blended with the shimmer. If the color is a bit too dark for your liking- you can add some white shadow to the powders you are mixing. Blend and crush together thoroughly, adding the gossamer as needed. Test swatch this loose powder on your arm when it’s all mixed up, because this will show you just how shimmery and how opaque it will be once its dried out in it’s new compact. πŸ™‚

STEP TWO: Now that you have the shade and sparkle desired, add a little rubbing alcohol to the powder mixture. Start off slow- you can always add more but you can’t take away once it’s in there. You are looking to make a metallic paste, but not too thin or runny. It needs to have some ‘hold’ to it in order to pat it down into the pan with all the other colors. But if it’s too thick- you wont be able to spread out a nice flat surface in your compact. It will look gritty and space up when you try to spread it out. If you see you have it too runny- add a little more shadow, or gossamer to the mixture to thicken it up a tad. If its too thick but almost there, add a few drops of alcohol until you get it where you want it. Be patient and don’t have a heavy hand with this step! #crucial

STEP THREE: Once you have you first color ready to be placed into the compact, pat it down in there on the left hand edge. Then each other color you mix up will go in a nice stripe next to that one- so on and so forth. Make sure each row isn’t took thick or you will run out of space before you make it to the last color, purple. Now that it’s patted down in there, it doesn’t look too flat. It looks bumpy rightnow, but not to worry! Just take the flat edged tip of a butter knife and swipe it against the top of the color lightly to give it an even, smooth face. Finally, you are going to take your paper towel and lightly press down onto your color you have just placed into your compact. You can push the product into corners or edges, and any gaps that show can be fixed with this step using your finger and paper towel. Just press lightly! πŸ™‚ 

Repeat for each color and then leave to dry completely for about 4 -6 hours. Once you can no longer smell rubbing alcohol, it’s ready to use! How exciting right? So forget preorders, wait times, and shipping delays! DIY! Check out my final product- 

I am so glad I decided to give this a shot- I felt a little unsure in the beginning, but man did it all work out just fine! πŸ˜‰ What do you think? Do you like my custom made prism highlighter? 🌈 Leave comments & thoughts for me! Love ya ❀️

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Lemme Update Ya! Cokebottle Waist Training With Tami πŸ’•

Some of you may remember my post from a little while back in late February, where I shared with you all that I had begun waist training with the official Kim K trainer by Ann Chery off of Bombshell Bunny Curve’s website. 

Welllllll- I have a quick update to share with you! So I started off on row 1 obviously- I am very happy to announce that I am in row 2 currently, and loving it! I have some before/after pictures to show you. If you do not remember details from my last wasit training post- I purchased my trainer in a size S and it fit me perfectly, and is preforming like it should. 

 (Current-row 2)    

(Day 1-row 1)  
(The lighting makes it look like totally different shades of purple haha, but it is the same waist trainer. It’s more like the darker purple color than bright/pink berry)  

After wearing this for a little over a month consistently, (4-6 hours a day) I have noticed a definite smaller cinched waist, which is so exciting because that’s the entire point of this thing! I have noticed serious decreased back pain (I have several badly herniated discs in my lower back, along with spinal cord narrowing, severe muscle spasms and arthritis after being in accident a few years back). I have noticed that I hold myself with much better posture even when I do not have my trainer on. I have noticed a bump in self confidence! 😁 I have noticed a flatter tummy. So in my opinion, since day 1, a lot has changed for the better! I am definitely sticking with this and will be using my 20% gift from my first purchase with Bombshell Bunny Curves, for the next size down which will be the XS sport trainer πŸ™‚ I’ll document that process for you as well when the time comes. It’s amazing how this thing is tranforming my shape before my eyes. Anyways, I will be back as soon as I make it to the final row! 

Xoxo thanks for reading babes! ❀️ Feel free to leave thoughts, comments and questions for me!😘


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Fizzy Fox Bath Co. Review! πŸ›πŸ’•πŸ’¦

Hello my babes! 😘 I am super excited to share this post with you… I have discovered yet another amazing bath & body shop on If you read any of my other posts you will know that I have found SO many lovely, all natural & animal friendly brands on there! If you are looking for unique natural & quality bath and body products that will make you feel like a princess, look no further! I have a very special shop to share with you ❀️ 

The Fizzy Fox Bath Co. is a small bath & body company located in Ventura, California. The owner Chelsea, is a busy mom and wife but still finds time to create magic in her kitchen by making bath goodies! πŸ’œ Her lovely shop on Etsy offers everything from bubble bars, bath fizzies, bath bombs, handmade goat milk soap bars, gorgeous bath salt mixtures, sugar scrubs, shower melts, I mean she really has it all! A wide variety of different choices for the different types of us bathers πŸ˜‰ Not to mention a wide variety of aromas to send you off into deep, deep relaxation land. She truly has enormous talent and deserves all the publicity she can get, because I am no joke raving about her products! She was kind enough to send me some products to test out and review for her, and also decided to leave me a 10% coupon code to give to MY WONDERFUL LADIES who follow and read my posts actively! How awesome is that??? ⭐️ I will leave everything you need to know about this little Cali based bath company and your discount offer further down below, but please do keep reading if you are interested in seriously pampering yourself during bath time!

To start off may I say, receiving this package was receiving a little package of heaven… I could smell this from a mile a way, and I kid you not it was like the hungry person floating to the pie on the windowsill. LOL! πŸ˜‰ I could not wait to tear it open! Let’s get right into it… 

First off, we have the Stellar Galaxy Bath Bomb with Glitter πŸŒ™β­οΈ


Stellar Galaxy is one of Fizzy Fox’s best selling bath products! It has that LUSH look to it that we all love to see in bath bombs. The gold glitter, bright purples and blues and an of course the intoxicating & one of a kind scent. This bomb was fantastic all around, It opened up my sinuses with a fresh scent that had a hint of sweetness to it. It turned my bath water a lovely baby blue color, and the bubble streaks fizzing off of the bomb were like a lavender and sky blue shade- making for an awesome pre bath time show haha! Another thing I LOVED, was that it had minimal gold sparkles to where I did not feel the need to stand up and rinse off afterwards, like LUSH glitter bombs often make me feel. Bottom line, you are going to love this! It is such a stellar experience, you definitely wont want to miss it. πŸ˜‰ Just remember, Stellar Galaxy is in stock every couple weeks, but it truly sells out fast! (For a very good reason 😍)

Secondly we have the Lavender and Vanilla Goats Milk Soap Bar πŸ’œπŸŒΏ 🐐


Can we just take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous this soap bar is? πŸ’œ I love all natural products and also when they look like they are all natural, but when they have a hint of color like this vibrant purple marbled through it… I am such a sucker in love! I am a girly girl and pretty things please me more than anything, anyone agree? Haha πŸ’•πŸ˜ These soap bars would make beautiful gifts for a friend, holidyas, for baby showers, or especially yourself! First characteristic I noticed right away when unwrapping this bar, was how unbelievably soft & silky the texture of it was in my hand. And it didn’t stop there, my entire body was feeling like a piece of bread being buttered up with lavender-vanilla butter! Such an awesome feeling πŸ˜ƒ My skin feels so smooth & soft right now and it is all thanks to Chelsea and her miraculous goat milk soap! Thank you Chelsea, you are incredible ❀️ Now the next thing I noticed was the smell… Imagine standing in acres of fresh lavender, while baking a vanilla cake. I don’t know why there is an oven out in the middle of a lavender field, or why you’re out there baking a cake to begin with, but trust me it is GOOD STUFF. This soap smells amazing and I am so excited about it’s overall appearance and what it does to benefit my skin! You simply must try if you are a fan of natural & hydrating bar soaps ❀️ If lavender isn’t your favorite, she also offers other different scent combinations to appease everyone’s individual taste! 

Thirdly, we have the Love Spell Bubble Bomb πŸ’•πŸŒΉπŸ’•


This is another stunning bath product! If any of you are familiar with LUSH’s “Tisty Tosty” bath bomb, this one is quite similar in looks🌹 Not too much the scent- This one is created with Rose, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cool Musk. Such a wonderful classical kind of smell. But the snow white bomb with the dainty little rose petals throughout, really does have a gorgeous appearance. Not only in it’s solid form, but also when you have the little rose petals drifting around the surface of the water while you are bathing! When you first pop this in the water, the bomb begins to release the petals as it rolls throughout the tub & spouts bubbles! It certainly does make you feel like you’re under a “love spell” πŸ’• I have a video of it in action on my Instagram if you’d like to see for yourself! It is just so beautiful and graceful to watch. I also think it would be so incredibly pretty if you got a tall glass (air tight) canister for your bathroom sink area, and filled it with these lovely floral bath bombs for guests… or yourself of course haha β€οΈπŸ˜‰ I smelt wonderful after using this one. 

Lastly, we have the Vanilla Creme Bubble Bar πŸ’¦πŸ¦πŸ’¦ 


When I took this out of the package, I was so excited. I just adore bubble bars and this one looks like a little cute fresh-baked cookie of some sort! It also had the scent of one… 😍πŸͺ These are fun because they produce lots of bubbles! All you need to do it crumble the bar up under the running bath water and you will be graced with mounds of white bubbles. If the bar is too hard at first to break apart, just let the warm water run over it first for a minute and then pick it back up and begin to crumble! Simple 😁Before you know it you’ll be surrounded by delicious smelling vanilla creme bubbles! πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’• This product also made my skin feel delightfully silky 😍 I loved this one.

Overall, I was VERY satisfied with everything I was sent! Each and every product had time, detail and love put into them by the lovely owner, Chelsea. She has seriously shined in talent & creativity through each of these unique bath experiences she sent to me 😁 Now I just need to get my hands on some of her sugar body scrubs and bath salts! ❀️ NOW, I will give you your 10% off coupon code! Pick something great that suits you perfectly, and don’t forget to review it on here for me to check out YOUR Fizzy Fox Bath Co. experience!  
(Valid through April 15th) 

Follow her on Instagram HERE!

Check out her shop HERE!

Follow her facebook HERE!

Here are some pictures of her other items below! Gorgeous stuff ladies 😍❀️

Thanks so much for reading loves, please do leave comments and your thoughts for me to read and respond to! ❀️😘 


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Short Spring Makeup Tutorial & Maybelline Product Review! πŸ’›πŸ’πŸ’›

Hi Babes! I’m back today with some spring-spiration! πŸ’•πŸŒ·πŸ’• I haven’t done a makeup tutorial for a while and I thought, what a better way to come back with a great makeup look but for the new spring season! 😁 Let’s get right into shall we???

So I was sitting here thinking of colors I associated with spring, first and almost instantly “pastel” came to mind. But I continued to simmer on the idea and I just wasn’t satisfied with pastels right now, I wanted something bolder. Something that could be worn out to a nice dinner date and you look fabulously spring-y but also suave and sexy. Then, I began thinking neutral with a POP of spring color! 😁 So I ultimately decided on a chocolate brown cut crease look, with a vibrant turquoise winged liner to go with it. Please continue reading if you’d like to see what products I used and pictures of my the look I created! πŸ’–

Here are the products I used to create this look!

*Benefit “Big Beautiful Eyes” Eye Contour Palette (Dark brown shadow)

*Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in “Ibiza.” (Used as eyeliner)

*Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 

*Maybelline Master Contour Kit

*Pixi by Petra Beauty Blush Duo in “Rose Gold.”

*Milani “Bahama Beige” Lip Stick

*FLOWER Beauty About Face Liquid Foundation

*Salon Perfect Half-Falsies (Not in photo) 

*OFRA Eyebrow Pencil in Brown (Not in photo)

*MAC Mineralize Concealer (Not in photo) 

*L’Oreal Infallible 16 HR Pro Matte Powder Foundation (Not in photo)

Now I just wanted to quickly review the Maybelline products for you! 


Maybelline The Master Contour Kit
: When I first saw this in my local Walmart I was eager to try it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t so much like the highlight or contour shades. The contour was much too light for my olive complexion, and the highlight was so-so. I have much better quality highlighters by MAC, Pixi and Wet n’ Wild. The one thing I really loved about this palette, was the blush! It is such a beautiful, healthy/natural glow type pink. Like you just got done working out or something, so pretty 😍 I recommend this for the blush. But the contour and highlight might work better for you if you are very fair skinned. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: This stuff is black gold! πŸ’– I have been in search of an affordable mascara that separates and lifts my lashes towards the sky 🌞 This one does just that. Maybelline is funny, they come out with TONS of different mascaras. We’re always seeing new commercials with supermodel’s with the best looking lashes, and I’ll go out and try all of these mascaras & I’ll hardly like any of them. But finally, one has lived up to it’s claims! πŸ’œ Highly recommend! No need for expensive mascaras when this one exists 😁

Anyways, Thanks so much for reading babes! Please leave your comments and thoughts for me ❀️ xoxo

Oh and follow me on Instagram please if you aren’t already πŸ’› 😘 You get to see things you don’t on here! Lol. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ  Follow me HERE!


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Natured Beauty Lip Products Review! ❀️

Hi ladies! 😍❀️ Hope you all had a fabulous easter holiday.πŸ’πŸ° I am back to share with you all a brand a recently discovered on my favorite place to find new and amazing makeup brands, This time the brand is called Natured Beauty. The owner Philicia was kind enough to send me some of her products to review and test out for her! She is such a sweetheart and so amazingly talented, you are just going to love her products. ❀️ Please keep reading if you want to know more about this awesome new cosmetics brand!

Let’s get started! Philicia has been quite the cosmetics scientist if you ask me. Her shop is full of a beautiful variety of lippies, glosses and laquers and even eyeshadow that are all humane/not tested on animals- which is so important to me πŸ‘πŸΌ We are going to be covering lippies and gloss/laquer today πŸ’‹β€οΈ I’ll have more products and more colors from Natured Beauty to show you in the near future!


: The Pastel Purple Lippie $3.00 USD ea.


When I saw this in my package the first thing I thought of was “Koala” by ColourPop Cosmetics. This is pretty much a dupe just not in liquid form. I am a huge fan of matte lilac lip shades, and this lipstick formula is PERFECT. It is so opaque and creamy, the texture of these lippies are comfortable and not over-drying like many matte lip products are known to be. Not to mention this shade is a perfectly balanced pastel lilac color, and I guarantee it would look fantastic on any complexion!

: The Bright Lime Green Lippie $3.00 USD ea.

I adore all the bright and untraditional lip shades. They are so much fun and no doubt save the day when you have a costume party, concert or music festival to go to- or maybe when you’re just feeling bold & fierce and want the world to know it! (AKA my face in the pic above lol) πŸ’š This shade has all the same great qualities as her other lippies; It’s a tangy lime green tone that will compliment most skin colors & complexions, it’s super creamy and has great color payoff, not drying at all, velvety matte texture and it’s wearability is great. Stays put on your lips, and not on your teeth! β€οΈπŸ’‹β€οΈ

: The Lemonade Pop Bright Yellow Lippie $3.00 USD ea.


When I first pulled this out of my Natured Beauty package, I was like, “How on earth is this going to show up on my light skin? I may need to use a lip primer first…” Boy, was I wrong! Philicia put a little extra magic into this one, since yellow is such a light color as it is, and she made it super opaque and bright as the sun itself! 🌟 I really love this shade, it is so fun and bright while being a lighter pastel at the same time. Perfect for clubbing, concerts and festivals and everything in between. Get your party on with this poppin’ lemonade yellow lippie! πŸ’›

Fourth: The Pastel Orange Lippie $3.00 USD ea.


In the tube, this shade looks like it would be a darker adobe/clay orange color when applied. But to my surprise, it is the absolute prettiest light peachy orange shade. I would compare it to MAC’s ‘sushi kiss’ or ‘sweet and sour.’ I just applied a tiny bit of gloss over this last lip swatch to show you that you can easily make any of these matte colors shine, with only a little gloss!

: The Cosmic Purple Lip Gloss $3.00 USD ea.

These are so fun to use! πŸ’œ I would call these a hybrid between Lip gloss and Lip tars (if you are familiar with those), although they are called glosses in Natured Beauty’s shop. They are thicker/heavier than a traditional gloss and have extreme shine & hydrating qualities πŸ˜‰ They are also more opaque and show off the true color more vibrantly than a regular gloss would. Regardless, these are beautifully made and apply wonderfully with a lip brush! I also discovered that using the Pastel Purple Lippie beneath and applying a little Cosmic Purple Gloss on top, makes for a stunning galactic type of combination!

Check out some of these other gloss shades she is offering +more in her shop!…

My overall thoughts: Every product I reviewed for you today I really adore, honestly. I am always looking for new cosmetic brands that deserve to be recognized and this is another one of those awesome smaller brands! These lipsticks are just as nice as my MACs, but I honestly like the wearability of Natured Beauty’s lippies much better. I can smile, talk and drink without eating my weight in lipstick, which I really appreciate and enjoy more than anything. I have been in search of a lippie that stays put, looks great and is affordable and girls, I found it! πŸ˜πŸ’„The lip gloss is stunning, it makes my lips look like I dipped them in purple space honey. Just look at that picture above!! πŸ˜‰ So luxurious, all of it. Please, go check out Natured Beauty’s Etsy shop HERE!
Thanks for reading babes, hope you enjoyed! Leave comments and thoughts for me! Stay tuned for more reviews for Natured Beauty and other brands i’ve discovered as well! ❀️