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November Ipsy Bag 2015! <3

Hi beautiful people! Back from vacation, and it was more than wonderful. Spent a lot of my time relaxing in the deluxe room, and also grabbed some drinks with Bae at the casino. They also had a big beautiful pool and a full service spa/nail salon ❤ But anywhooo, i’m back to blogging and i came home to an Ipsy Bag! So clearly i had to post about it, let’s get right into it..


This month’s theme was Beauty Blast: “Your November Glam Bag is a universe of brilliant beauties. Twinkle, twinkle, darling. It’s time to light up the sky.”

The girls on this card are absolutely beautiful, both sporting super dramatic lip colors, metallic eyes, long lashes and winged liner. Once again, this card had me really excited to see what was inside. Now, the bag is so so so cute. I love science, space and nebula’s of all sorts, so this hit home with me before i even broke into it. 🙂

FullSizeRender (12)

FullSizeRender (13)

The first item i picked up was this Jesse’s Girl Eye Shadow Primer. This was cool at first sight but when i swatched it, it felt way too liquidy for my liking. So unfortunately i wont be using this and will pass it on to a friend. Here is a swatch for you all to see..

FullSizeRender (9)

It is almost my exact skin tone, but like i said before i prefer thicker eyeshadow primers. I pretty much ONLY use Mally’s Base Shadow. I definitely recommend trying that one out if you are in search of a good one.

FullSizeRender (11)

The next item i was SO excited about was this bright green lipstick. Fran Wilson MOODMatcher, is not a green lipstick but a clear one that adjusts to your body and creates a color by itself. I was dissapointed, i actually wanted a green lipstick and i thought it really went with the outer space theme haha. So i’m not too happy about this one, it’s a neutral pink color which i have tons of. Here is a swatch for you all.


This product is pretty nice and hydrating on the lips, it feels great and smooth so i probably will use this just as a moisturizer and for a little hint of color for a simpler look for work or going out doing errands etc.

FullSizeRender (10)

The next item was a simple sleek eyeshadow brush. I will definitely be using this, i can never have enough brushes! Especially shadow brushes.


Now we have be a bombshell eye liner in “wild child.” Which is just black haha. It is okay, the swatch wasn’t very opaque or bold but i might use this for my waterline. Here’s a swatch..

FullSizeRender (9)


The last item i received was this SMASHBOX Full Exposure Mascara. Always excited to try new mascaras, especially from good brands like SMASHBOX. 🙂


Here is how my eye looks without any mascara:

FullSizeRender (14)

Here is how it looks with SMASHBOX Full Exposure Mascara:

FullSizeRender (15)

So i really like this stuff! I think anyone else who got this in their Ipsy Bag was probably stoked about this too! I may purchase the full size version. ❤

Thanks for reading dolls, please leave comments and your thoughts for me to read and reply to! 😀 I missed you guys!


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I WON a Giveaway! ⭐️🙌💖

Hi all! 💘 I was so exited to hear that i won a giveaway hosted by the sweet & adorable BittersweetxBeauty! She had a first place winner (congrats girl!) and i was so lucky to be the second, she let me choose any Makeup Revolution Lipstick shade i wanted. It being Fall, i wanted to go for the darkest color they had which was 100% Vamp. It is an incredible blackberry color  that looks SO dark and lux in the tube, i’ll have pictures & swatches below! 👍💄 She also sent me a couple other goodies as you can see in the picture below.


Thank’s K you are such a sweetheart! 🍩💗

Now let me show you this beautiful Makeup Revolution Lipstick!




Almost looks like it could be black right? 😋 And it smells JUST LIKE fruity pebbles cereal.


This shade is everything i wanted and it’s exactly what i expected when i read the description of this color online 💞 So stoked!

⭐️Please make sure to check out BittersweetxBeauty’s awesome makeup blog as well HERE! 😘👍 She’s very talented at beauty blogging and i love looking through her posts, i’m sure you will too! ⭐️

Also a reminder that my International & U.S. giveaway will be ending Oct 24th, and the winer will be announced on the 25th! ENTER while there’s a few more days left! I’ll give you a little motivation: ONE of the items i kept secret is a popular eyeshadow palette right now, YES A PALETTE! So hurry and enter HERE before it’s too late!



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Fabulous Fall Versatile Makeup Look! L’Oreal NUDES 1 Palette!

Hi lovely ladies! Just wanted to start off by saying if i accidently unfollow and re-follow any of you beauties, it is a total accident and it has become a very frustrating issue for me! 😦 I really don’t want any of you to think it is intentional, i do all of this on a smart phone so if i’m scrolling through your names and i happen to just tag the “follow” button it will un-follow you, but i try to fix it asap 😦 ❤ So my apologies for that girls! Anywhoo, i did another dress it up/dress it down look for you all today! It is inspired by the wonderful Autumn, and all things cozy. This will actually be a half fashion/outfits post and the versatile makeup look to go with it 🙂 I know i have lots of fashionista’s follwowing me and vice versa, so i’m sure this will be fun for everyone! ❤

Let’s start with the makeup look and products i used!



(Dramatic look shown above, used a darker blush and lip color and pulled my hair to the side in a loose messy bun with a flower pinned into it)image


(Much softer look with lighter lipstick and blush and hair let down naturally)

What i used:



  • Mally Base Shadow/Primer
  • SMASHBOX Color Boosting Powder “Halo Glow” (for bronzing)
  • MAC Mineralize Concealer NC20
  • MAC Moisture SPF Foundation
  • MAC Strobe Liquid
  • MAC “Pinch Me” Blush (not shown above, dramatic look)
  • MAC “Well Dressed” Blush (not shown above, simple & sweet look)


This is the L’Oreal LA Palette NUDE 1, and i used the four shades that are being pointed to with brushes! 🙂 I used the first shade in my inner corner and first half of my lid, then i used the second color on the other half of my lid. The next color was used on my outer V areas, and the last color was used/overlapped in the same are but blended out nice & thoroughly. I love this palette and there are just so many beautiful colors you can use everyday or turn them into something special for an event! For the price you should absolutely have this in your collection! 🙂 Blendable, silky & pigmented.


  • HIKARI Lip Gloss in “Merlot”
  • MILANI Lipstick in “Sangria”
  • Almay Liquid Black Eyeliner
  • BareMinerals Original Foundation “Med Beige”
  • MAC “Angel” Lipstick (not shown above, simple & sweet look)
  • Salon Perfect false eyelashes (just on outer corners, not shown above)

So this concludes the makeup part of this post. I hope you really enjoyed this and the products i used are all fantastic and i would recommend everything to you! 😀

Now let me show you some adorable, comfy & classy outfits i’ve created to pair with these warm fall looks! Yay!

 image image



Hope these outfits have given you some lovely formal and casual idea’s for what you wanna rock this fall season! I sure you’ll all be looking fabulous 😉 I’ll definitely be wearing stuff like this as long as the weather permits it! Haha, it’s very unpredictable here in Arizona ❤


Thanks so much for reading! Hope you love this, leave thoughts & comments for me sweethearts! ❤


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Mini MAC Haul! Quick Swatch Review!

Hi girls! Super excited because i received a special package in the mail from MAC cosmetics today. I ordered a few different lipsticks to review quickly & show you all! I’m sure you may be familiar with some of them. I have repurchased one of these colors and the rest are new to my collection 🙂

Let’s get started!




So this is what i grabbed:

  • Sushi Kiss
  • Flamingo
  • Saint Germain
  • Heroine (repurchase)

And they sent me a free sample of the strobe liquid, i have a full size bottle of this but i like it a lot so i figured i might as well grab a sample for traveling or something.


Here are some swatches!


Sushi kiss, Flamingo, Saint Germain & Heroine.

Now let me show you them on my actual lips!

Sushi Kiss:


Beautiful & bright pastel, creamy peachy color! I absolutely love this one and was very excited to order it. And obviously these lipsticks are great & creamy!



This is the most subtle color of the group, it just looks like a beautiful natural healthy pinky/peach glow on your lips, it is sooo pretty. I’m really glad i picked this one up.

Saint Germain:


This is a sweet pastel baby pink. I was worried it may be a little to light for my skin tone since i’m very fair, but it really is gorgeous and makes me look more tan and i’m definitely happy i got it! ❤



Since i really had barely any of this color left, i obviously had to get it back in time for fall! This is a beautiful deep but vibrant orchid/berry type color, It would look stunning on any skin tone in my opinion! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading my loves! Leave comments & thoughts<3

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Makeup HAUL!

Hello girls! I haven’t been feeling very well lately but i still wanted to post something tonight for you all<3 Recently my boyfriend took me out and wanted to spoil me a little since i haven’t been feeling too hot, so i bought…. A bunch of makeup! For myself and YOU! I’ll be doing a giveaway next month with some of the stuff i picked up, i’ll show you what i bought for us! 😀

Here is what i purchased for my October giveaway for one of you lovely ladies!


I’m thinking this one will be International.. Two of FLOWER’s Powder to creme blushes, in TT1 & TT2 (a bright pink and a muted coral color.) A beautiful eyeshadow chubby in a gorgeous deep royal purple shade, and most likely some more stuff i pick up from here to the date the giveaway will start. So keep checking for it 😉

Now here are a few things i picked up for myself to play around with:



Two Hard Candy Highlight & Contour Cheek Duo’s. LEFT: Angel Face RIGHT: Island Glow

These guys are so gorgeous in person just as a swatch. The colors are so sheer and picks up light beautifully. I have a picture but it really doesn’t do it much justice, you would just have to trust me on this one. I am so eager to use these, i have no doubt they will be gorgeous on the cheekbones. Keep look out for a post on these exclusively!

Let’s move onto these L’Oreal Infallible 24 HR Pressed Eyeshadows in “Iced Latte” & “Perpetual Purple,” and a beautiful Infallible Lipstick in “Everlasting Plum“…



These shadows are GORGEOUS! SO pigmented and SO soft, they feel like a pillowy cushion inside the jar. I would definitely recommend these to all of you as they have an array of amazing colors, and the best part is that they behave like the Maybelline color tattoo creme shadows. They are not creamy at all, but they last forever. I have swatches of these below with the other eyeshadows i purchased.

Now the L’Oreal Infallible lipstick! I’m in LOVE. This is such a fall color i cant even begin to tell you, it is a deep smashed berry color that looks SO dark in the tube but just comes to life as soon as you apply it! It is like a bright orchid purple, it is stunning. This would be beautiful on any skin tone


Everlasting Plum

It has a gorgeous bright berry/fall tone that makes this color very special and a must have for Autumn.

Now, i have some more stuff from FLOWER!

Starting with beautiful eyeshadow palette in “Eye-sea-you” and a Blush/Bronzer Duo in “Glow Baby Glow.”


These colors in ALL of these pans, the shadows and the blush/bronzer, are just insanely soft and smooth to the touch. They feel like velvet. This formula is amazing and the colors are beautiful! Let me show you some swatches, the first two colors are the L’Oreal shadows from earlier.


The two horizontal swatches at the top are the blush & bronzer duo.

As you can see all of these colors are stunning & unique. That green shadow from the FLOWER palette is like a mossy gold color, i can’t wait to play around with these palettes. These are all just straight up swatches with no primer or anything, so with primer these colors will be much more vibrant and pop! I will definitely be doing a makeup look with these soon. So be sure to check it out and comment!

I picked up this gorgeous melon colored lipgloss from FLOWER as well:


FLOWER High shine lip lacquer “Give Peach A Chance

You guys should really try some of this stuff out for yourselves, you wont regret it! I am in love with everything.

Thanks for reading loves!

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Quick Review and Small Giveaway: FLOWER Lip Butters!

Hi ladies! ❤ I just wanted to quickly share my thoughts on a product i have been loving lately by FLOWER Cosmetics. What a surprise. This time, it’s their Lip Butter Line! Honestly, you are gonna love these.


Here i have a few of their unbelievably creamy, moisturizing and luxurious Lip Butters! From left to right: Sweet Peach, Cherry Chiffon and Princess & The Peony.

Here are some lovely swatches of the first two colors:


(Sweet Peach & Cherry Chiffon)

A bright, fresh peachy-orange color and a vibrant, tart cherry red!

“Princess & The Peony” is a beautiful rosey/baby pink color!


You can tell from those swatches that these are extremely buttery, just like a lip butter should be. 😉 They apply like a dream, are beautifully pigmented and last on your lips! If you were a fan of NYX butter lipsticks, surely you will be a fan of these guys! I picked up a new “princess & the peony” to have in a little giveaway for those of you in the United States! (I will be doing an international giveaway someday, please keep an eye out for it! It will be a good one.<3) Thank you all for being so kind and being such amazing followers, i just wanted to share one of my little personal favorites with one of you! If you’d like to enter: please follow me if you are not already, comment on this post and tell me one thing you would like to see me post about in the future, and write ENTERME! Winner will be chosen at random, and will be notified within the next week.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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Dress Up & Dress Down This Look! Beautiful Natural Eyes!

So there has been thunder & lightening and it has been raining cats and dogs outside all day today. I’ve decided to relax and stay indoors, make a few white russians, and do a beautiful dress it up & dress it down double look for you all!


My little girl seems to be all about the idea! 😀

Here is what i came up with…






Here are all of the products i used for each look, i will let you know what the differences are:


  • Milani Baked Powder Blush in “Luminoso” (everyday look)
  • MAC Sheer Tone Blush in “Pinch Me” (dramatic look)
  • FLOWER Luxury Lip Color in “Cactus Flower” (dramatic look)
  • Estée Lauder Bronzer in “Bronze Goddess” (both)
  • MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation (both)
  • MAC Mineralize Concealer (both)
  • bareMinerals Loose Eyeshadow in “Chenille” (both)
  • Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation (both)
  • SMASHBOX “Photo Finish” Face Primer (both)
  • Hard Candy MOD Quad Baked Eyeshadow Palette in “Pink Interlude” Shade 2. (both)
  • Lancôme Color Design Eyeshadow in “Vintage” For Brows (both)
  • L’Oreal LA Palette NUDE 1 “Shade 7” (both)
  • Almay Liquid Eyeliner “Black” (both)
  • Lancôme High Definition Mascara “Black” (both)
  • Ardelle Fake Eyelashes Not shown above (both)

So you can see from that list, as simple as it sounds and as different as I appear in these two looks, i only swapped my blush and lip stick! It shares the exact same eye shadow and face routine, but when you switch out your cheek and lip color, you can drastically change your overall appearance!

Thanks for reading!

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Poison Purple & Ocean Blue Lips!

So i’ve been looking through a lot of beautiful, kind of crazy lip color combos and looks and i’ve been very inspired by luvbridget’s blog lately. She’s always posting pictures of gorgeous lips, so thank you for motivating me to do some looks of my own honey! ❤ Check out her blog, click on here name above 🙂

I primed my lips before applying the colors in these looks.



This is my poison purple look, MAC “Gunner” & MAC “Violetta” have been used here with a clear lipgloss and bright indigo/purple loose pigment.



Bright ocean lips! This was created with the NYX Macaroon Lip Stick in “Pistachio“. And i used a loose electric blue sparkle pigment to line my lips and fade the color out! Then i just dabbed a little bit of white/translucent powder in the center of my lips since i wanted this one to be more of a matte look.

I really loved doing something crazy like this, if any of you are inspired to do a fun lip-look send me a link to your post i would love to see what YOU created! Thanks for reading!

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2016 MAC Selena Quintanilla Collection!

MAC has released some information about a collection coming out in the latter of 2016 to honor the vibrant and gorgeous Selena Quintanilla, 20 years after her tragic death. The iconic Tejano music star was shot in the back by none other than her own fan club’s president. Now, over two decades later MAC has revealed they will be releasing a special line in memory of her and fans are going crazy.




Rumor has it that Selena had always dreamed of having her own makeup line, and were all very excited to see MAC Cosmetics help make that dream become reality for her. Selena’s sister was quoted, “Helping create this collection takes me back to the late night chats on our tour bus, when she would talk about having her own makeup line.”


This is definitely a VERY highly anticipated collection and we are all very excited to see what MAC ultimately comes up with!

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Perfect Lipstick Shades For Fall!

With the new season just around the corner, i’ve been looking for all the gorgeous colors that are gonna be a hit this fall 2015. Today you’ll be seeing THE top 10 colors you need to be adding to your collection, get your notepad out ladies! ❤


  1. MAC “Twig
  2. MAC “Angel
  3. Revlon Super Lustrous “Sassy Mauve” 463
  4. Revlon Super Lustrous “Violet Frenzy” 027
  5. FLOWER Cosmetics Luxury Lip Color “Rosey Garden” LS20
  6. FLOWER Cosmetics Luxury Lip Color “Tea Rose” LS19
  7. FLOWER Cosmetics Luxury Lip Color “Berry Bloom” LS24
  8. FLOWER Cosmetics High-Shine Luxury Lip Color “Cactus Flower” LS25
  9. PALLADIO Matte Lipstick “Bella Pink” HLM05
  10. HIKARI Lip Gloss “Merlot


So after taking a look at those swatches, you can guess it’s all about the dark mauves, dramatic reds, bright berrys and deep dark violets! Go get stocked up on some true fall colors ladies!