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Hello all my beautiful women!<3 So sorry i haven’t been posting lately i have been so busy with work and some unfortunate events, i haven’t had much time to think about anything else really.. But this post today, is very exciting for me and has me in a bright & happy mood! I’m sure it will be exciting for all of you too, it’s my birthday month and i love all of you so much that i wanted to do an October GIVEAWAYYY! 😀 ❤ You ALL are such amazing & supportive followers and i absolutely love chatting with you all and discussing beauty and i thought you should celebrate this with me<3 You deserve it! This one is INTERNATIONAL so please, any and all of you enter and have a chance to win these beautiful products and more!! The other products will just be a little fun secret untill you recieve your box of goodies! 😀

The purse is decoration 🙂 Sorry loves.



  1. FLOWER Eyeshadow Chubby “Dark Side of the Blue”
  2. Mwah “Coconut Chick” Lip Balm
  3. 2 FLOWER transforming touch Powder-to-Creme Blushes “A-coral-ble” & “Tickled Pink”
  4. L’Oreal Le Matte Velvety Full Coverage Lip  Color “Game, set, matte”
  5. L.A.B 2 “Strokes Of Genius” 5 pcs. Brush Set
  6. Miss Spa- Brighten “Renew Radiant Glow” Face Masque Packet

image image image

This is like so exciting i’m smiling while i’m writing this because i know you will just LOVE everything<3 I wanted to make this one big with a really good overall value, since it’s honoring my birthday month & Halloween! (I also love) So good luck lovelies!!!


  • Enjoy this wonderful October month with me ❤
  • Follow Me! My blog and if you have one, follow my Instagram HERE.
  • Make a post about your products in the package when you crack it open!
  • Comment and say you did the things above!<3 except for that last one obviously, that will have to wait haha.


  • Reblog this! Anywhere! Here or Instagram. 🙂 Mention it to me in a comment and leave me the link girls<3

I hope you all are as excited as i am! Winner will be chosen at random OCTOBER 24th and notified! Love you all and hope you are all happy and healthy!


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NEW BRAND: The Dessert Shoppe! Intoxicating skin softening spray-on lotions!

Hi beautiful ladies! ❤ I am SO excited to share this with all of you, because i know you’re all gonna love it! Recently, I have come across this adorable buisness on Etsy called “The Dessert Shoppe.” Just simply looking through the items she had for sale, i knew right away i had to get my hands on some of these super luxurious skin softening spray lotions that smell like heaven’s milkshake bar. She has fun and exciting scents from banana, chocolate, rasberry and more! ❤ The very sweet shop owner Emilee, was kind enough to put together a sample pack for me to try out and review for all of you! So let’s get to it, shall we?

“Where pampering yourself is as sweet as dessert.”


First of all, the way i recieved my samples was just so sweet and girly. I absolutely had to show you!

I almost didn’t want to ruin the gorgeous job she did wrapping each one! Let me show you all of the products now:


How cute are these? Keep in mind the packaging design for these sample sized sprays are much different than her full size products. Here is a picture of one of her regular sized spray-on lotions…


SO adorable, i love when the packaging looks as good as it smells! 😉 I find myself reaching for the prettier things in life more often.

Let’s review each scent!



Here’s her “Vanilla Milkshake” Spray-on skin softening lotion! As you can see the texture is nice and creamy, but application is super lightweight and doesn’t leave ANY sticky residue on your skin or hands! Which is very hard to believe when it smells like dessert! This one smells like warm vanilla cake batter, kind of like Victoria Secret’s “Warm & Cozy.”

Next we have my personal favorite of the bunch, “Banana Milkshake” Skin softening spray-on lotion. It smells SO good, to put it simply, if you like bananas you will love this! It’s like a banana’s and creme type of smell.



Now we have the “Chocolate Milkshake” spray! This literally smells like what a chocolate milkshake taste’s like. The formula of these sprays are so spot on, completely smooth and silky, easy to spray, lightweight. They just melt into your skin like butter and leave your skin feeling nice & soft.



This smells like it has actual cocoa powder in it, so luxx!

Last of the skin softening lotion sprays, “Cotton Candy Milkshake.” This has a very soft, nice cotton candy smell to it, it is not over powering or too sweet smelling like a lot of cotton candy sprays tend to be. Also, even though this one is blue and the chocolate milkshake is brown & banana is yellow, they do not leave any color deposit on your skin whatsoever.



And i just have to show you the full size of this particular product because the packaging is just precious


These full size bottles will last you forever and sell for $8.50 USD ea. Purchase yours HERE!

Here’s how they look when you spray them on at first, and then when you rub them in a bit before it has completely blended into your skin:

image image

Last but not least, i got a “Cream Soda” Shimmering Body Mist. This is my other favorite, one reason being the lovely subtle shimmer inside the spray that leaves a gorgeous light catching effect on the skin. The other reason being that this actually smells like carbonated cream soda. Since this one is not a spray lotion, but a body mist, it is not thick or creamy like the other ones.



She really nailed every single one of these products, in smell, texture, and longevity. I definitely think you should all try out one of her sweet smelling sprays in a scent that stands out to YOU! You will love it, i am putting all of my fragrances aside for a while and i will be using these spray lotions instead. Why not smell great and hydrate/moisturize your skin at the same time?

Overall, i really love all of them and these would be adorable gifts too! If you decide to make a purchase with The Dessert Shoppe, please send the owner a quick message mentioning “beautybytami.” Thank you! 🙂

Thanks for reading loves! Leave thoughts & comments for me