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Cosmic Eyeshadow Look! Affordable L.A. colors “Waterworld” palette!

Hi girls! Just wanted to post a quick Makeup Look for you all! Keep reading if you’d like to know what i used to create this look. ❤




I used a VERY affordable palette by L.A. colors so literally anyone can try out this look for a very inexpensive price!

Here’s what i used:


Aside from the mascara, eye liner, concealer, etc. I’d like to show you a couple different items individually. Starting with the primer i used today.


This stuff is really great. It has a beautiful pearly shimmer tone to it which at first i was skeptical about putting all over my face, but nonetheless i tried it and it really just gives you a luminous, healthy looking glow! Oil free, and fills any fine lines and wrinkles with silicones and light reflectors. Definitely recommend! Ecspecially for those who don’t wear a full face of makeup often, this looks beautiful with a light face of makeup it’s very refreshing and appealing.

Next is my Illuminator:



This Illuminator is by Your Best Friend, i am crazy about this stuff. It is my BFF! It is so creamy & gorgeous, you simply must try it! You will be very pleased.

Now here’s the blush i used:


This is by i.d. BareMinerals. In the color “Bliss.” This is such a pretty sparkly peachy happy color, and it can also be used as an eye shadow!

Here’s my new favorite bronzer 😉


This is a GORGEOUS suntan islandy-baked bronze color from FLOWER beauty (on right.) It is so pigmented so you don’t need to use a lot of the product when applying it, and it’s just the perfect shade and so blendable. I am in love ❤

Now we have the very affordable palette by L.A. colors:


I used only the first two colors you see in this palette. A gorgeous very pale green shimmer and bright teal-blue shimmer shadow. I think this was $1.50 so, this goes back to knowing how to use inexpensive makeup to its fullest extent. If you are knowledgable about application techniques then you can make something out of nothing!

Last item i just wanted to quickly share was the L’Oreal INFALLIBLE “Pro-Spray and Set” Makeup Extender setting spray. I recently ran out of my MAC setting spray and picked this up at my local drugstore, so glad i did!


It smells nice, it feels fresh and it works just as good. No complaints whatsoever about this guy! 🙂

These are some really great new items i’ve been using for my daily routine lately and i think many of you would love some of these products for yourself! You should definitely try one of these out if it stands out to you, i am so happy with everything.

Thanks for reading loves! Leave comments & thoughts

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It’s Primer Time! Review & Compare FLOWER, SMASHBOX and E.l.f!

So i wanted to talk about different face primers today! I have three here we are going to compare and review. I also have swatches to show you differences in consistency & texture, and swatches of color over the primers. If you’re interested, keep reading!


Primer 101

 When it comes to using a primer, a lot goes a long way no matter what brand you use. You’re trying to achieve light coverage as a base for your makeup to hold onto to, and you want to start from the center of your face and work outwards.

How does primer work?

  • Evens/smoothes out your skins imperfections
  • Enlongates the wear of your makeup

Are there different kinds of primers?

Yes! Hydrating/moisturizing primers for dry skin, matte primers for more oil prone skin, anti aging primers for creased/aged skin, discoloration correcting primers for skin imperfections/birth marks, neutral primers for combination skin etc.

When to apply a primer

In between applying your moisturizer & your makeup/foundation.

Can i use face primer for my eyeshadow?

There are different types of primers for different areas of your face. For the most part eyelid primers cannot be used as face primer, because of its thicker texture. However, most face primers can be used as eye primers. So YES! As long as the ingredients are safe to use near your eyes.

Now, here are some swatches for you to check out:


Here you can see the texture, color etc. of these primers. Here is my opinion on each since i am able to actually feel the consistency of them, smell them etc..

FLOWER Perfecting Primer: Extremely slick, applies nicely, moisturizing, smells fresh and clean like a face wash.

SMASHBOX Photo Finish: Velvety soft texture, smooth, matte. virtually no smell detected.

E.l.f Pore-less Primer: Texture is a lot like a face lotion. Application appears more like a thicker creme, or sunscreen. Smell is a bit unusual, like astringent/sunscreen. May be bothersome to some people.

Here are some examples of the same eyeshadow over the three separate primers after they have dried. (I used eyeshadow since foundation would be much harder for you all to see)


As you can see above, FLOWER’s primer really made that color bold and it stuck smoothly and evenly to the primer swatch beneath it. SMASHBOX’s primer has created a more natural lighter look to this color, but none the less smooth and nice in appearance. Finally, E.l.f’s primer seemed like it clumped the color in some areas, and was lighter in other spots. Don’t know if i’ll be using this one again, being the cheapest of the three i sort of expected it. So, in regards to applying foundation over these primers, FLOWER’s will really give you a full face & even dewy look, SMASHBOX’s will give you a overall more natural looking matte face. I would not recommend purchasing E.l.f’s.

Thanks for reading!