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U-Spicy Oval Makeup Brush Set Review! 😍

Hi ladies! I’m here today to share a review on a purchase that I made just recently off of! We have all heard of, or seen videos on Instagram about these “Oval, Toothbrush-Style Makeup Brushes.” I have been fascinated by the idea of them since they first began blowing up online- I love innovative, unique ways to do your makeup. When Tarteist “Clay Paint Liner” tubes came out I was overjoyed at the new approach on applying your liner ❀️ Anyways, I really enjoy these oval brushes- I’m sure you will too! Let’s get right into the review…

First of all- I’d like to say I purchase these off of Amazon HERE. They were $19.99 + free shipping for Prime users! πŸ’Έ

Right off the back I noticed how big and nice the box these brushes came in was! It’s sleek, sexy, smooth and makes you feel like you just made an awesome purchase for only twenty bucks! ❀️ It has a magnetic closure flap on the very front of the box that allows you to open it up and peek at your new goodies…

Now, I’d like to discuss how soft these bristles are. I mean seriously guys, it feels like they could be made of pure rabbit fur. I was a bit hesitant honestly on purchasing these in particular because of the price on amazon, thinking maybe the hairs were going to be coarser or of lesser quality than what I would have wanted. But I was WRONG!!! These seriously exceeded my expectations. They feel velvety smooth on your skin and apply your makeup flawlessly πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ» 

Another bonus would be how flexible these babies are! 😍 Talk about caressing your curves… Your face curves- that is! Here’s a screenshot of the amazon store picture example, and mine are just as flexible as this picture claims they are! So awesome.


The next cool thing was that it came with a manual on which brush would be ideal for each part of your makeup routine. Making it easy to get used to and remember! This isn’t a photo of the exact manual it came with inside of the box- but this was pulled from the amazon’s store pictures…

Overall, I absolutely am so excited to have purchased these brushes! I’m in love, and I would reccomend them to all of you ladies if you don’t have a set of oval brushes yet. Can’t wait to be using these from now on- my old brushes are gonna be sad 😞 Lol! But not me. 😝 Here is a photo of a look I created using all of these brushes… Something alien-y! πŸ‘½

Not the most traditional look, but hey! I was having a ton of fun lol πŸ’œ Thanks so much for reading- I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you try these brushes out for yourself! They are so amazing for the price 😘 Please comment and leave thoughts for me!

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Some of my Favorite Makeup Brushes!

Hi girlies! ❀ I’m sure we all have collections of some makeup brushes that are fantastic and some that just weren’t worth the money. Today, i’ll be sharing my GREAT brushes that i think everyone would love and should add to your stash! I’m really not covering eyeshadow brushes rightnow because i have so many and so many good ones it would just be a ridiculously long post! πŸ˜€ So i’m keeping it simple, 11 face/powder/bronzer/blush brushes i wouldn’t want to live without! Keep reading if you’re interested.



So there’s a variety of brands in here.. it Cosmetics, face secrets, laura geller, e.l.f. & just some plain ole’ walmart brushes!

Let’s begin:


  • E.l.f. Professional foundation brush (used for cheek highlighters)
  • Walmart Conceal & Correct Brush (used for my thin contour lines)
  • Walmart Base Foundation Brush (i use for powder)

Purchase your E.l.f. brush set HERE!


  • Face Secrets Kabuki Brush (used for powder)
  • e.l.f. Powder Brush (i use for blush)
  • Face Secrets Big Powder Brush (used for powder)

Purchase a Face Secrets Brush Set HERE!


  • ItCosmetics Brush (used for blush)
  • ItCosmetics Double Sided brush (used for blush and blending shadows)
  • i.d. Bare Escentuals Full Flawless Face (blush/bronzer)

Purchase an itCosmetics Brush set HERE!


  • Laura Geller Retractable Baked Powder Brush (used for powder)
  • Huge Walmart Bronzer Brush (used for bronzer)

I hope this narrowed it down for some of you, sometimes cheap brushes are very good quality! You just need to try them out πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading loves! Leave thoughts & comments for me