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Lemme Update Ya! Cokebottle Waist Training With Tami πŸ’•

Some of you may remember my post from a little while back in late February, where I shared with you all that I had begun waist training with the official Kim K trainer by Ann Chery off of Bombshell Bunny Curve’s website. 

Welllllll- I have a quick update to share with you! So I started off on row 1 obviously- I am very happy to announce that I am in row 2 currently, and loving it! I have some before/after pictures to show you. If you do not remember details from my last wasit training post- I purchased my trainer in a size S and it fit me perfectly, and is preforming like it should. 

 (Current-row 2)    

(Day 1-row 1)  
(The lighting makes it look like totally different shades of purple haha, but it is the same waist trainer. It’s more like the darker purple color than bright/pink berry)  

After wearing this for a little over a month consistently, (4-6 hours a day) I have noticed a definite smaller cinched waist, which is so exciting because that’s the entire point of this thing! I have noticed serious decreased back pain (I have several badly herniated discs in my lower back, along with spinal cord narrowing, severe muscle spasms and arthritis after being in accident a few years back). I have noticed that I hold myself with much better posture even when I do not have my trainer on. I have noticed a bump in self confidence! 😁 I have noticed a flatter tummy. So in my opinion, since day 1, a lot has changed for the better! I am definitely sticking with this and will be using my 20% gift from my first purchase with Bombshell Bunny Curves, for the next size down which will be the XS sport trainer πŸ™‚ I’ll document that process for you as well when the time comes. It’s amazing how this thing is tranforming my shape before my eyes. Anyways, I will be back as soon as I make it to the final row! 

Xoxo thanks for reading babes! ❀️ Feel free to leave thoughts, comments and questions for me!😘



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