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Gorgeous Matte Milani Lipsticks!

Hi beauties! ❀ I ran by Walgreens after work today and grabbed a few things a long with a couple lippies that caught my eye, and i am so glad i did!


I think these are all fall colors personally! Orange leaves & orange lippies! Haha πŸ™‚ I am always wearing orange & berry tone lipsticks around autumn. Be bold! ❀


These are all SUCH beautiful colors, they are very pigmented and have wonderful color pay off. For the affordable price i am absolutely in LOVE. These are all Matte shades, “matte glam” is just the name of the bright purple one. Here are some swatches!


(Sweet Nectar, Matte Glam, Sangria)

$5.99 USD each. Buy yours HERE!

As you can see all of these colors apply very nicely. These were like 2 swipe swatches so that really impressed me, achieving bright & vibrant color like this with little effort! πŸ˜€ Not to mention these color statement moisture matte lippies come in an array of beautiful colors.

Now, another wonderful thing i noticed about these lippies… They smell AMAZING. The sweet nectar one smells really fresh & fruity, the matte glam color smells creamy & sweet like MAC’s lipsticks, and the sangria one smells like nice hints of vanilla. I cannot explain how excited i was to find a lipstick that smells good from the drugstore!

Longevity; trying to get these swatches off my arm says it ALL. Haha. πŸ˜‰ So with all that being said, these are my new favorite affordable lippies. I highly highly highly recommend that you lovely girls try them out for yourself! You will be so excited too ❀

Thanks for reading darlings! Comment and share thoughts with me i LOVE talking to you girls πŸ™‚



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