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Quick Review and Small Giveaway: FLOWER Lip Butters!

Hi ladies! ❀ I just wanted to quickly share my thoughts on a product i have been loving lately by FLOWER Cosmetics. What a surprise.Β This time, it’s their Lip Butter Line! Honestly, you are gonna love these.


Here i have a few of their unbelievably creamy, moisturizing and luxurious Lip Butters! From left to right: Sweet Peach, Cherry Chiffon and Princess & The Peony.

Here are some lovely swatches of the first two colors:


(Sweet Peach & Cherry Chiffon)

A bright, fresh peachy-orange color and a vibrant, tart cherry red!


“Princess & The Peony” is a beautiful rosey/baby pink color!


You can tell from those swatches that these are extremely buttery, just like a lip butter should be. πŸ˜‰ They apply like a dream, are beautifully pigmented and last on your lips! If you were a fan of NYX butter lipsticks, surely you will be a fan of these guys! I picked up a new “princess & the peony” to have in a little giveaway for those of you in the United States! (I will be doing an international giveaway someday, please keep an eye out for it! It will be a good one.<3) Thank you all for being so kind and being such amazing followers, i just wanted to share one of my little personal favorites with one of you! If you’d like to enter: please follow me if you are not already, comment on this post and tell me one thing you would like to see me post about in the future, and write ENTERME! Winner will be chosen at random, and will be notified within the next week.

Thanks for reading and good luck!



13 thoughts on “Quick Review and Small Giveaway: FLOWER Lip Butters!

    • That’s awesome! My walmart is a super walmart so it has a very pleasing makeup area! But ordering off their site is just as great. I have literally been raving about their stuff lately, everything i pick up seems to be amazing! You should forsure pick up a few of their lip butters or lip sticks in some colors that catch your eye as well, and if your a blush girl try one of their transforming powder-to- creme blushes. They are to DIE for! πŸ˜€ ❀ have fun with your new goodies girl, i'm sure you'll be super happy with what you get.


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      • Oh sweet! ENTERME then! ☺
        Hmmm… I really love how you do your eye make up and most of them looks so dreamy and classy. I would love to see you do a bit loud and happy eye make up with macaroons like colors! I think that would be exciting! ☺

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  1. Neverland Beauty says:

    I love FLOWER and really want to get more of their products! I’m actually going to be buying glasses from the flower brand. The colors are beautiful. As for something I’d like to see you post? I live your product reviews so definitely keep posting those! LOL. If you live in the US you can check out my giveaway

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