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Brow POWER LIFT Pencil! itCosmetics review!

Hello ladies! Today i wanted to share with you a product i have had for a while and i used to use it like crazy and i just recently picked it up again and guess what? I’ve been using it like crazy. Its the “it Cosmetics Brow Power Lift Jumbo Pencil.” It’s double sided, one is a pearlescent highlight, and the other side is a bright matte highlight. Even though it says BROW power lift, it can also be used on other parts of your face and lips too! (I think the pearl side would look beautiful on your cupids bow) I am a fan of both! Since the pearly side seems more for when i’m going out or just feel like i need some extra shine. While the matte side is a great everyday useable brightening color.


Both sides of this pencil are very creamy and blendable in texture, so you don’t have to worry about having a harsh obvious line, as long as you blend it out!



You can use them separately like i use them or you can use them both together overlapping the pearl over the matte color. Here are some swatches on my arm:


As you can see here, the pearl is more of a translucent color that could be used on pretty much any skin tone, while the matte color is pretty nude/pink/peach. It would depend on your skin tone whether or not you could use this side’s color, on me for instance, it hardly shows up at all and really only leaves me with a brightening effect. I did my eyebrows and applied each side of the pencil on each of my eye brows to show you all!


(Pearlescent side)


(Matte side)

You can barely see any product applied underneath my brow on the matte side picture but you can see the slight brightening effect. The pearly side really livens up your eyes and is very flattering beneath the brow. I think you should definitely try this for yourself if you’re looking for a product to brighten up your eyes!

purchase it HERE for $24.00 USD!

Thanks for reading! Enter my giveaway if you live in the U.S.A! I’m giving someone a beautiful, creamy lip butter πŸ™‚ ❀



4 thoughts on “Brow POWER LIFT Pencil! itCosmetics review!

    • Yeah i don’t know why that nude color is so difficult to see! Haha i packed it on there too. I think it’s probably not gonna do its job for anyone with lighter skin like myself unfortunately 😦 it lightly brightens, but i really do love the pearly side. Maybe it will work for somebody!



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