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Poison Purple & Ocean Blue Lips!

So i’ve been looking through a lot of beautiful, kind of crazy lip color combos and looks and i’ve been very inspired by luvbridget’s blog lately. She’s always posting pictures of gorgeous lips, so thank you for motivating me to do some looks of my own honey! ❀ Check out her blog, click on here name above πŸ™‚

I primed my lips before applying the colors in these looks.



This is my poison purple look, MAC “Gunner” & MAC “Violetta” have been used here with a clear lipgloss and bright indigo/purple loose pigment.



Bright ocean lips! This was created with the NYX Macaroon Lip Stick in “Pistachio“. And i used a loose electric blue sparkle pigment to line my lips and fade the color out! Then i just dabbed a little bit of white/translucent powder in the center of myΒ lips since i wanted this one to be more of a matte look.

I really loved doing something crazy like this, if any of you are inspired to do a fun lip-look send me a link to your post i would love to see what YOU created! Thanks for reading!



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