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Barbie Doll Makeup

This morning i woke up with the urge to post a makeup look! ❀ So then it began, endlessly rummaging through countless pallettes and individuals to find a fantastic, fun combo to make it POP! I obviously wanted to do something eye catching for all of you, so this is what i came up with.





For some reason i really just love using super bright colors, i’ll be sure to post some more natural looks sometime soon as well.

I started off this look by putting my Neutrogena facial lotion on as i usually do since it preps my face really nicely for foundation and shadows etc. Now i applied tape on the outer corners of my eyes at an angle towards the end of my brow bone. (These need to be pretty even to get symmetrical lines on ea. side) Then i went ahead and applied my Mally base shadow which has a very similar consistency as the MAC paint pot “Soft Ochre.” Once it is evenly spread over my lid, i apply my magenta pink eyeshadow in my inner corner of my eye and bring it out a bit onto my lid.Β Now i take a bright shimmer purple/plum color and follow the shape of my outer V & also applying color all the way along the edge of the tape. I took a metallic deep purple color and applied it around the outer V on the outer edge of the pre existing color and brought it into my crease. No shadow is applied to the bottom lash line in this look. Blend blend blend. Removed the tape, curled my lashes, applied a light coat of mascara, put on some liquid eyeliner, applied falsies and then continued on with my normal full face routine. (Concealer, foundation, powder, contour, bronzer, blush, lipstick etc…) I always do my eyebrows last with a plain brown eyeshadow on a lightly moistened brush and then i completed this look with MAC setting spray.



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