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Quick Review: Nars Liquid Gold Face

I am sure many of you are big fans of NARS cosmetics just like I am. From the sleek modern packaging to the names that make you giggle and of course the top notch products, NARS has won a special place in my makeup drawers ❀ and remains one of my top brand choices. Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on one of their newer arrivals.. The NARS Liquid Gold Face Set. Which includes a mini Larger Than Life lip gloss in Gold Digger, A full size Hot Sand Illuminator, and a mini South Beach multiple. Now i don’t usually go for their boxes that include a few samples & maybe one or two full size products, but a few things that i noticed immediatley when i came across this set was that…

1. Everything gold intrigues me and calls out to me to purchase it and take it home.

2. I am currently obsessed with NARS illuminators, but i have not tried the Hot Sand. They have so many different shades ranging in nude/pink/tans. One of their most popular colors being “Orgasm.” (Shown below.)


3. I mean gold lipgloss? I loved the idea of my lips looking like i just kissed a pool of liquid gold. (“Gold Digger” lip gloss shown below)



And with those quick observations i picked this set up for myself and a few different illuminators to keep with my freelancing supplies. This one retails at about $45.00 USD. When purchasing this set i noticed most of the colors appeared very gold on the website, but upon arrival each product had a very nice rosey/peachy undertone. Which i happen to love. Take note that the lip gloss, is a very peachy-gold shimmer color. The illuminator, is more of a lighter peachy-champagne, and the south beach multiple is more of a light shimmer apricot/bronze. Overall the colors in this set are not pureΒ gold, but i personally feel it does make each one of these products more wearable for everyday/daytime use. Some tips for all you considering trying out this set or maybe one of the products inside the set, I found that applying a nude/peach matte lipstick underneath and finishing it with the “Gold Digger” gloss is lovely, and the most efficient way to apply the illuminator is with a beauty blending sponge. The multiple can be used as either a cream blush or bronzer, i suggest warming the product up before application just simply by swatching a small amount on the back of your hand, and then dabbing (NOT a heavy stroke) in the areas you want the color to be applied. (“South Beach” multiple shown below)


They have other shades of multiples that are more for highlighting/blush but the color “South Beach” in particular is pretty dark. It would really depend on your skin tone as to what you could really use this for. I have repurchased all of the full size products that came in this set since i happen to love them so much! Go head over to NARS website and try one out for yourself ladies!


2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Nars Liquid Gold Face

    • Thanks love ❀ I really enjoyed your post about the L.A.B. Brushes, i love finding good quality brushes for a decent price scince i am a freelance makeup artist, i love to be stocked up! My super walmart has tons of those brushes. Keep posting!

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